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Privacy Policy


BxBox is committed to ensuring the protection of privacy of our contacts and clients. We will ensure the information submitted via our websites will remain private and only used for the purpose that it was collected for on this website. Your personal information will always be secure by being stored in our hard drive or kept by hardcopy. Our internal security procedures will ensure your information is kept safe and confidential.


BxBox collects the type of information from our users' that is required for the provision of information and our services. The information we collect is for the benefit of the user to determine relevant business match and to enable them to advertise their business. All information collected by BxBox from the website is readily available by contacting office on +61 2 9817 3331 or by writing to BxBox: Suite 202/230 Victoria Road Gladesville NSW 2111.


We will not disclose any personal information that you provide via our websites, such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone, number, etc., to any outside parties.


BxBox is committed to ensuring to abide to the guidelines governed by the Privacy Laws. At any given time when these laws change, BxBox will ensure users are informed through our website so you are always aware of how the information you submit is used. If you have any feedback about the websites, please reply to or call our office to discuss.

For assistance call: [02] 9817-3331

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