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The following are some of the most commonly asked questions from BxBox users. If after reading through these questions you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.

Q: What must I invest to advertise my business?

Advertising your business on BxBox involves an investment of $88 per business. This one-off price per business allows you unlimited edits, unlimited words, and unlimited pictures. This is a one-off, flat-rate investment and allows you to keep your business for sale on BxBox for as long as you want without any additional charges.!

Q: Are there any hidden costs or commissions?

Absolutely not. Once you have invested in the advertising space you will not be charged for any additional services, nor are there any commissions for the successful sale.

Q: How does BxBox Work?

It’s very simple. Once registered, you can place, remove and manage your ads for your advertised business or businesses. Additionally you can join the Watchlist to keep informed if a business you may be interested in becomes available. Most importantly, if you have any questions feel free to call the enquiry line. During business hours you can talk to one of our qualified staff (not a computer) about any questions you have.

Q: How long will my ad stay on BxBox?

Your ad can remain on the website until your business is sold or when you choose to remove it from the market. In order to prevent old businesses clogging the site, you will be asked to renew your listing every three months. Don’t worry, the renewal is 100% free and is as simple as clicking a button.

Q: What information do I receive in buyer enquiries?

You receive the buyer’s full name, telephone number, alternative phone number, email address and message if they choose to leave one. You can choose when and how you will contact them.

For assistance call: [02] 9817-3331

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